A lot of people suffer from high blood pressure. And this vice doesn’t necessarily stem from constant excitement. There are many different reasons for high blood pressure. Some of these are due to diseases, while others are genetic.

However, diet often plays a major role. For example, if you eat too much fat, you often have problems with your blood pressure due to poor blood fat levels (cholesterol levels). Other factors are too little exercise, an unbalanced diet, cigarette smoke and alcohol.
However, there are also foods that have been proven to have a positive effect on the heart.

Today we will tell you which 16 foods you can use to positively influence your blood pressure. And these are really tasty too!

1. Beets

To reduce the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure at the same time, eat beets regularly. The special ingredients in the form of nitrates ensure that the blood vessels can relax much better, which also improves blood flow.

And of course the heart also benefits from this, which has to pump much less due to enlarged vessels. This is also the reason why beets can significantly improve blood pressure. Anyone who eats too many beets must occasionally expect side effects, whereby faeces and urine may temporarily turn pink. However, this is completely harmless and merely an absorption of dyes.

2. Salmon

People who suffer from high blood pressure benefit from eating salmon regularly. At the same time, this delicious fish with the valuable omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
This prevents potential damage within the blood vessel walls in good time.

Another important factor in enhancing those effects is the way it is prepared. Salmon should not be fried or breaded! Grilling or baking is better so that no valuable ingredients are lost and no additional, harmful additives such as breading destroy everything again. Healthy, low-sodium spices such as garlic or lemon enhance the positive effect of the tasty fish.

3. Bananas

Here comes a true declaration of war against high blood pressure! Studies show that people who eat at least two bananas a day can lower their blood pressure by up to ten percent. This is thanks to the high levels of potassium found in tropical fruits.

Bananas are not only super healthy, but also really cheap. In addition, they are very easy to find in the fruit and vegetable department and are wonderfully suitable as a tasty snack between meals. Even for people who have a busy schedule and don’t get to cook extensively very often.
About a quarter of the daily potassium requirement is covered by a single banana. Bananas always work!

4. Sweet potatoes

These healthy potatoes are high in magnesium and potassium . Both trace elements contribute to a healthy blood pressure. Sweet potatoes are very versatile and go well with various dishes. And by the way, they are also really tasty, even without a lot of salt or sour cream.

Sweet potatoes can also be baked very well. Covered with spinach or feta cheese, the healthy antihypertensives mutate into a real delicacy that fits in at any time without much effort. Rice or lean, grilled chicken are also very good side dishes. Furthermore, sweet potatoes are high in fiber and very low in fat and sodium. At the same time, something good is done for the digestion.

5. Kidney Beans

Beans are generally very good for health, especially for the heart. However, the whites have a very special advantage, as they are particularly rich in potassium, which relaxes the muscles in the cells. And that, as we’ve already learned, lowers blood pressure.

Thus, the white beans can be described with a clear conscience as a true miracle cure for high blood pressure . Furthermore, beans are full of fiber and magnesium , which can also protect against heart diseases of all kinds. And by the way, digestion is also positively supported. Beans can be incorporated into so many delicious dishes such as wraps, chili, salad and much more.

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