15 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

6. Garlic

Garlic lowers blood pressure naturally. This is thanks to the ingredient allicin , which helps the blood vessels relax and dilate at the same time.

Furthermore, garlic is a wonderful substitute for seasoning, instead of salt, which should only be used in doses. Salt contains a lot of sodium, which is considered one of the heart’s greatest enemies. Sodium in high amounts is responsible for high blood pressure, among other things. And that’s why garlic, whether freshly processed or as a spice, is a very good alternative here!

For those who don’t like garlic, we have more valuable tips in our luggage…

7. Quinoa

It is not without reason that quinoa is considered a real “superfood”. The healthy grain, which is often served in salads or as a side dish, contains a lot of potassium and magnesium. These are the basic building blocks for relaxed and healthy blood vessels, which help to counteract high blood pressure.

The grain should also have a supportive effect on diets and make it easier to lose weight. It is also highly recommended for diabetics as it keeps sugar levels in a healthy balance. This is due to a very high fiber content. And by the way, the grain is also low in fat and contains hardly any sodium.

Just mix it into the dressing on your next salad!

8. Kale

A great addition to any “blood pressure diet” is definitely healthy kale. This is full of valuable vitamins such as potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. All of these ingredients contribute to a healthy immune system and healthy blood pressure. And not only the heart benefits from these valuable building blocks.

Kale can be used any way you like. Some like it in their salad, others use it in their stew, as a side dish or in their smoothie.
It also contains other trace elements from which the body benefits. Iron and vitamin K contribute to healthy blood formation.

However, people who are dependent on blood thinners should not overdo their consumption.

9. Tuna

Nutritionists recommend eating fish or seafood at least twice a week. This not only maintains a healthy diet, but also supplies the body with many valuable ingredients.

In addition to its high omega-3 fatty acid content, tuna, like salmon, is rich in healthy proteins and lots of iron . Ideally, you should opt for tuna fillets rather than buying canned fish. The latter are often provided with a good portion of sodium, which is very harmful for people with high blood pressure in the long run.

And of course you should also pay attention to the origin of the fish! Farmed fish are often full of pathogens .

10. Skim milk

Various studies have provided the clear result that skimmed milk can help to lower blood pressure in a targeted and permanent manner. Skimmed milk is the ideal alternative to conventional milk products, especially for people who suffer from high blood pressure. Significantly healthier and above all lower in fat.

Skimmed milk is high in calcium, potassium and magnesium , which also helps to relax and widen blood vessels. All three building blocks are important for optimal heart health. There is even skimmed milk that has been extra fortified with potassium and calcium. This is of course the best choice for high blood pressure. And of course also for all other people, without those problems.

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