If you would like to lose weight, follow tips and go on a diet and pay a lot of attention to your own diet, you will often stand on the scales and ask yourself why none of these techniques really work and why the weight loss (if at all) is only very small . People often say “I have a slow metabolism” . But weight loss is only related to genetics to a limited extent.

When we talk about metabolism , we often mean digestion in the colloquial sense. In reality, however, the metabolism is limited to the biochemical processes that take place in the cells. Here are reasons why losing weight just won’t work

1. Too extreme diets

Although almost everyone knows that extreme diets are ineffective and even unhealthy, many people still think that they can achieve great success in a short time. However, it is known through scientific studies that reducing your diet by 1,000 kcal or more each day slows down your metabolism. The body switches on an “energy saving mode”.

In the beginning you can lose weight quickly with this method. However, the success soon stagnated. And if you start to meet the regular calorie requirement again, you can count on a yo-yo effect .

It is easier and more effective to run a small calorie deficit over a longer period of time and to eat healthily and consciously.

2. Skipping breakfast

Many people find it easy to skip breakfast. In the morning you usually have “better things to do anyway and it’s also good to do without the calories”. Wrong thought, because whoever has breakfast has a clear advantage. Because studies have shown that the metabolism is stimulated by breakfast and that more calories can be burned during the day.

If you want to skip one meal a day or want to save calories, you can save on dinner. Because skipping dinner is far more efficient than skipping breakfast.

In addition, the more people skip breakfast, the more likely they are to develop type 2 diabetes .

3. Alcohol

Anyone who drinks a lot while trying to lose weight is making life difficult for themselves. Because alcohol has two negative effects. First, alcoholic beverages are high in calories, regardless of what they are often mixed with.

But even if the alcohol didn’t have any calories, it would still be counterproductive for weight loss, because while the body is breaking down alcohol, it neglects to burn calories. Simply put, the liver is busy breaking down alcohol and is therefore less able to break down carbohydrates or fats in the body .

Anyone who drinks a lot in excess of their limits should be aware that they can permanently damage their liver and the metabolic function associated with the liver.

4. Not getting enough exercise

One of the most obvious yet most neglected mistakes is not incorporating enough exercise into your daily routine. Because this not only ensures that you burn calories, but also that the metabolism is stimulated and the cells can burn more calories , even when the body is “standstill” . If you drive to the office in the morning, spend your day walking to the printer or the canteen and drive home again in the evening and spend the evening on the couch, it is almost impossible for you to lose weight.

Even little things like riding a bike to work or going for a walk in the evening can make all the difference.

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