Why Losing Weight Doesn’t Work – 8 Reasons

5. Cardio training only

Most people believe that endurance training is the perfect sport for losing weight. You burn more calories than you would burn in a short amount of time doing strength training. Actually ideal, right? No, endurance training is definitely part of the road to success, but ideally combined with strength training.

Because if you have muscles, you also burn calories when you are not exercising . This means that those who have more muscle mass also lose more weight when they are sitting on the couch than those who have less muscle mass.

The optimal workout for losing weight is a HIIT workout. The muscles are stressed and a so-called afterburn is generated.

6. Slept well?

A particularly important aspect of a healthy metabolism is getting enough sleep. Because if you don’t get to bed early enough, you not only take the chance to be awake and balanced the next day, but also the chance to lose weight optimally. Important hormonal and metabolic processes take place during sleep, which should not be missed too often.

In addition, enough sleep is also conducive to good muscle building. Too little sleep, however, can actually cause muscles to break down. And as we already know, muscles not only look good, they are also beneficial for our metabolism.

7. Go full throttle during training

If you do your training with heart and soul, you will notice if the training has to be adjusted because it is too easy. As our body adapts to the training, it is logical that after a while the training will also become easier for us and we will not be as strenuous as we were at the beginning.

If the training has become a simple routine, that’s fine, but it’s time for a change . New exercises, heavier exercises or if you are using a ready-made training plan, possibly a new training plan or longer training.

These are all ways to challenge the body and rediscover its limits.

8. Not enough fiber

Consuming enough fiber is one of the most important steps to boosting your metabolism and finally losing weight. Because if you eat a little more calories, but take in fiber, you can compensate for this.

The fiber ensures that the intestinal bacteria remain healthy and can continue to help the body to digest as well as possible . But healthy intestinal bacteria are also responsible for a good immune system and an intact metabolism.

In order to eat as much fiber as possible, you should avoid unhealthy foods such as fast food and eat as many legumes, whole grain products, fruit and vegetables as possible .

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