How to Find a Scholarship To Study Nursing In the USA

Are you a nursing student, whether a graduate or an undergraduate seeking a scholarship to study nursing in the USA? Students looking for scholarships to study nursing in the USA should check out this article.



This scholarship is aimed at assisting nursing students in financing their studies. In addition, aspiring nurses from all over the world who travel to the United States to pursue their degrees find scholarships and job opportunities.


All international students must have a student visa to study in the United States. However, their enrollment into undergraduate or graduate nursing programs typically follows the same procedures as US citizens.


To achieve licensure, applicants must formally apply to a recognized institution, complete all needed coursework and clinical hours, and pass the applicable NCLEX exam. This article only covers scholarship to study nursing in the USA.


Choosing a profession in nursing means you are entering a relevant industry with a consistent prospect for employment growth and, with the right education, chances for advancement.


However, being a nursing professional can require several years of expensive education, and considering how to pay tuition can be difficult.


While there are conditions for every scholarship, don’t belittle your chances of being awarded one.


There are scholarships available to all nursing students, with many developed for candidates with certain specializations, national histories, military histories, and other demographic traits.


Scholarships are a great means of assisting you in paying for the education you need to accomplish, whether you’re a high school senior planning for an undergraduate degree or a working professional seeking a fresh direction in your career.


List of Scholarship to Study Nursing in the USA


If you are a nursing student looking for a scholarship to study nursing in the USA, follow the list of nursing scholarships outlined below and apply.


The Jane Delano Nursing Student Scholarship


Jane Delano was responsible for starting the Red Cross Nursing Service. As a result of her efforts, more than 20,000 Red Cross nurses served in World War I.


She was awarded the Distinguished Devotion Medal for her service to her country. She passed away in France in 1919 while on a Red Cross mission. 

Not shortly after her death, American nurses began raising funds for a memorial to Delano along with the other nurses who died while serving their nation. 


  1. Tait McKenzie, a sculptor and doctor crafted a bronze monument depicting a draped figure of an elegant lady with her hands extended, indicating a nurse’s willingness to assist. The monument is in Red Cross Square in Washington, DC, at 430 17th St NW. 


The American Red Cross commemorates her memory by awarding the Jane Delano Nursing Student Scholarship, which promotes nursing and encourages new nurses to work with the Red Cross. Annually, a limited number of scholarships are offered.


This scholarship is available to undergraduate or graduate nursing students who work for or have volunteered in an American Red Cross unit.


Scholarship Prerequisites


  • Have volunteered or worked for the Red Cross in the last five (5) years. 
  • Have earned at least one year’s worth of college/university credits.
  • Be presently enrolled in an accredited nursing program in the United States.
  • Be a present undergraduate or graduate student in excellent academic standing.


Award and Condition


Scholarships worth $3,000 are given out on a very limited basis. Scholarship funding may only be used for tuition, books, and academic fees.


Application Deadline


The deadline for this scholarship is May.


How to Apply


  • Fill out the online application form, which includes the two-part essay.
  • The first section describes relevant Red Cross experience.
  • Part 2 is on the applicant’s plans for a career in nursing.


Visit the website for more information.


DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship


The DAR Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship is available for students that have been admitted or are already enrolled in a recognized nursing school and need financial assistance.


Requirements for Eligibility 


  • Must require financial assistance.
  • Must be admitted or be presently enrolled in an approved nursing school.
  • Applicants must present a letter of acceptance or a recent transcript of a nursing program.


Award and Condition


Three students in financial need who have been admitted or are currently studying in an approved nursing school get a one-time $2,500 scholarship.


Application Deadline


The application for this scholarship is on February 15th, 2023.


Application Procedures


  • Complete the online application form.
  • A financial necessity form must accompany the application.
  • The application must contain a letter of acceptance into a nursing program or a transcript indicating the candidate is enrolled in a nursing program.


For more information and inquiries, write to [email protected].


Coursey Enterprises Student Scholarships


Are you in your first year of nursing school? Coursey Enterprises provides two $250 000 scholarships for nursing students every spring and fall semester.


The Coursey Enterprises Student Scholarships are only for nursing students in their first year of an RN or PN program.


Scholarship Eligibility


  • Spring scholarship applicants must apply between September 1st and December 1st. In January, the scholarship will be given out.
  • Students interested in applying for fall scholarships must do so between February 1st and June 1st. The scholarship will be given out in September.
  • Must be a nursing student in their first year.


Application Deadline



The deadline for the spring scholarship is December 1st, and the deadline for the fall scholarship is May 1st.


Scholarship Worth


Every spring and fall semester, Coursey Enterprises offers two $250.00 scholarships.


Application Procedures


  1. The application instructions are available on the official website.
  2. Additionally, applicants must provide the following:


  • An essay of 200 words stating why you want to be a nurse.
  • A current photograph of yourself.


Submit your completed application form by email to [email protected].


Click here to apply for this scholarship. 


Fulbright Foreign Student Program 


The Fulbright scholarship is a fully funded international student scholarship. This scholarship is only available for Ph.D. and master’s studies.


The Fulbright Foreign Student Program covers the complete tuition, including living stipends, full accommodation costs, flights, and health insurance.


The Fulbright Scholarship Program hopes to provide various groups of individuals with the chance to study in institutions of higher learning in the United States.


Criteria for Eligibility


Applicants must achieve the following criteria to be eligible for a Fulbright Scholarship to study nursing in the USA:


  • English is the required language.
  • Must be international students from 155 different nations.
  • Program eligibility and selection criteria vary widely per country.


N/B: For information on the Fulbright Program in your home country, including entry requirements and application procedures, please visit the country-specific web pages.


How to Apply


  • Create an online application.
  • Prepare academic transcripts and degrees.
  • Take the GRE and the TOEFL tests.
  • Write two essays.
  • Three letters of recommendation are necessary.
  • Get an academic resume.
  • Submit an online application.
  • Interview.


Application Deadline


The deadline varies per country. However, it often occurs every year between February and October.


Visit the official website for more information and apply for this scholarship.




The United States is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students who wish to pursue a career in nursing. With its world-class healthcare system and numerous universities offering nursing programs, the United States is a great place to study nursing.


Numerous scholarships are available for students who wish to study nursing in the United States. Universities, organizations, and other institutions offer these scholarships. Most of these merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement and leadership qualities.


It also provides opportunities for students to engage in research, internships, and other activities that will help them gain professional experience.


These are just some scholarships available to students who wish to pursue a nursing degree in the United States. There are many other scholarship programs available, so it is important to research thoroughly for a scholarship to study nursing in the USA and apply to as many scholarships as possible.


Studying nursing in the United States can be a rewarding experience. With the right scholarship and dedication, students can have a successful and fulfilling career in nursing.


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