Unicaf Scholarship for Undergraduate: Requirements and How to Apply

Are you an undergraduate seeking scholarship opportunities? Then, Unicaf Scholarship for an undergraduate degree is the best option for you. The Unicaf scholarship program for undergraduates is currently ongoing.



Unicaf Scholarship for an undergraduate degree is a life-changing opportunity. Through the Unicaf Scholarship Programme, Unicaf assists students in attaining optimum advanced degrees.


Unicaf University collaborates with the Unicaf Scholarship program, one of the most prestigious scholarships available.


The program assists qualified students and offers an opportunity to study for programs offered by Unicaf University for a fraction of the price.


Unicaf has already provided more than $100 million in scholarships to students, enabling them to pursue globally recognized qualifications.


The Unicaf Scholarship Programme’s principal goal is to make high-quality education cheap and accessible.


Supported programs have a strong professional and vocational focus. In addition, they are provided with a worldwide perspective to ensure students are equipped for work in the global marketplace and obtain a return for their educational investment.


About Unicaf

Unicaf assists students in getting standard university degrees through the Unicaf Scholarship Programme.


With its base in Europe, it is rapidly expanding throughout Africa through a growing network of campuses and learning centers to provide hybrid and open learning alternatives.


Unicaf now has a physical presence in twelve countries and intends to expand to five more countries in the next 2 years.


Unicaf provides Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in collaboration with institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Africa.


Liverpool John Moores University (UK), the University of East London (UK), the University of Suffolk (UK), and Unicaf University, a pan-African university with local and British accreditation, are among the current partners.


In addition to fully online degrees, Unicaf University provides various academic programs via its campus network.


Unicaf offers a wide selection of short professional courses in addition to online and on-campus programs.


Unicaf founded a scholarship program that has given out over $100 million worth of scholarships, helping thousands of deserving students to study for globally recognized degrees at a fraction of the cost and positively change their lives.


They collaborate closely with their partner institutions to provide customized services and solutions encompassing market strategy and research, marketing, and enrollment, technology, program design and conversion, and institution-wide support throughout the student experience.


Their complete cloud-based digital platform of closely integrated technology and services offers institutions the digital infrastructure they need to recruit, register, educate, and assist students.


Unicaf employs cutting-edge technology and new solutions to increase the effectiveness of teaching approaches and the student learning experience.


The digital platform is an ecosystem that integrates people, technology, and data.


Unicaf’s cutting-edge digital platform offers various services from the moment a student clicks on an advertisement until the moment the student graduates.


Unicaf University Partners

This program collaborates with a few Universities for the Scholarship. These institutions include;


Unicaf University

Unicaf University is a pan-African, autonomous, and globally recognized university that combines the best components of online learning by providing high-quality academic certifications.


Unicaf University strives for quality in teaching and student accomplishment while delivering a high level of satisfaction in a modern online environment.


Unicaf University is devoted to creating high standards in higher education while collaborating with key stakeholders to accelerate the growth of online learning.


Unicaf University aspires to be Africa’s preeminent tertiary institution, recognized for its remarkable contributions to teaching, learning, and research.


Through its campus network, Unicaf University provides Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in various fields. Students can earn good certifications at a cheap cost through primarily online delivery or on-campus study.


Through a unique blended learning method, the University mixes conventional face-to-face complementing lectures with the active use of digital learning resources.


The University is a complete member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), the biggest international university network founded in the United Kingdom in 1913.


The Association facilitates member collaboration and cooperation in establishing and sharing best practices for global tertiary institutions.


Liverpool John Moores University

The Liverpool Mechanics Institute was formed by persons of power and influence who saw the transforming power of education and the significance that studying and aspirations might have on individuals, communities, and society.


Following the founding of the Liverpool Institute and School of Art and the Liverpool Nautical College, Irene Mabel Marsh established the IM Marsh campus in 1900.


These organizations worked together to establish Liverpool John Moores University, an institution that has expanded and thrived while continuing to provide opportunities for everyone.


Liverpool John Moores University is one of the largest, most active, and forward-thinking institutions in the UK, with more than 23,000 students from over 100 countries, 2,400 staff, and 250-degree options.



University of East London

Since 1898, the University of East London has been building futures from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Fourth.


They are a career-focused institution committed to assisting students in developing the skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity required to survive in a rapidly changing world.


During the 2018/2019 academic year, the University of East London developed and began to execute Vision 2028, a new 10-year strategy to change our curriculum, pedagogy, research impact, and collaborations to improve student, graduate, and community success.


Their high but attainable aim is to become the top career-focused and entrepreneurial institution in the UK, one that educates students for future employment and offers the innovation to drive that future sustainably and inclusively.


University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is a revolutionary university that has absorbed the best of UK university traditions and adapted them to a twenty-first-century population and a modernized world of employment and entrepreneurship.


The University is a distinct, dynamic academic community with a distinct and immediate influence to improve the lives of individuals and communities.


Why Should You Study With Unicaf?

Students chose to study with Unicaf for several reasons. This includes; 


  • Affordability: A Unicaf Scholarship can help you save money. Online learning allows you to obtain advanced education for a fraction of the cost of the program of your choice.
  • Internationally recognized degrees: Degrees from partner universities are internationally recognized.
  • Registration is simple and quick: Apply online, receive an offer, and begin your studies immediately.
  • Flexible studies: They offer online access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no established study times or guidelines. It would help if you met your deadlines; that is the only requirement.
  • Student assistance: Unicaf provides student support services.


Unicaf Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Unicaf selects candidates for scholarships based on the following criteria:


Academic Qualifications


Candidates must fulfill the admission criteria for their chosen program of study.


Financial Capability

After the scholarship is granted, candidates should be able to pay the remaining fees.


Country of Residence

Various scholarships are available based on the student’s country of residence.


Unicaf University Admission Requirements

The following are the standard entrance requirements for admittance into Unicaf University Bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree program.


  • A Senior School Leaving Certificate with an aggregate score of “60” or “C” or “Credit,” or international equivalent, is required for admission to a Bachelor’s degree program.
  • Credit transfer may be granted to applicants with a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a related field.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae.
  • A national identification card or a copy of a valid passport is also compulsory.
  • Appropriate proof of English proficiency.




  • Variations may be noted dependent on the local education regulatory requirements of the nation in which each Unicaf University campus operates.
  • Students can contact the Office of Admissions to learn more about the approved international academic qualifications.
  • Extracurricular activities, leadership qualities, and other relevant background information may be considered in addition to a high academic record.


Unicaf Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree Application Procedures

Study online for programs provided by universities worldwide and graduate with degrees of similar value, reputation, and recognition.


  • Fill out the scholarship application form.
  • Fill out the form, and an adviser will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Submit the supporting documents to assess whether your academic credentials fulfill the minimal requirements of the respective program/partner.
  • Documents are being reviewed.
  • Obtain final approval.
  • The Admissions Officer and the Scholarship Committee will communicate the decision.


Click here to apply for the Unicaf Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree.



The Unicaf Scholarship Programme aids students in obtaining regular university degrees.


Unicaf established a scholarship program that has awarded more than $100 million in scholarships, enabling thousands of eligible students to pursue degrees with a global reputation for a fraction of the price and significantly improve their lives.


An opportunity like the Unicaf Scholarship for undergraduate study can change your life. Unicaf supports students in obtaining the best-advanced degrees through the Unicaf Scholarship Program.


Unicaf Scholarship for Undergraduate Study is the perfect alternative for you if you are an undergraduate looking for scholarship opportunities.


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