List of All the Nursing Scholarships in Canada

Are you an outstanding nursing student looking for nursing scholarships in Canada? Nursing scholarships in Canada are now open for excellent nursing students.



Do you intend to study nursing and require more funding? Fortunately, several nursing scholarships in Canada are available to assist prospective nurses in achieving their goals. Consider applying for one of these nursing scholarships in Canada.


List of Top 7 Nursing Scholarships in Canada


Here is a list of 7 Nursing scholarships in Canada; 


Canadian Nurses Foundation 


The Canadian Nurses Foundation offers scholarships to nursing students at the bachelor, master’s, and doctoral levels across Canada. These merit-based scholarships vary in value from $750 to $10,000. They are pleased to provide over 100 scholarships in support of the nursing profession.


The Canadian Nurses Foundation awards over $400,000 in scholarships each year to help promote the nursing practice and knowledge in Canada. Supporting Canada’s finest and most brilliant nursing students will result in improved health outcomes and a better Canadian healthcare system in the long run. 


As Canada’s only national nursing foundation, they gladly welcome student applications.


Application Procedure

CNF awards scholarships with certain requirements to 1 in 5 candidates across Canada every year.




  • You must be a Canadian national or permanent resident.
  • You must be enrolled in a nursing program in Canada, whether an RN, IEN, NP, LPN, or RPN.
  • Must satisfy program and schedule requirements.


How to Apply


Click here to apply for the scholarship.


Application Deadline


Applications will be accepted from January 1st, 2023, at 12:00 AM (EST) until March 15th, 2023, at 11:59 PM (EDT).




  • The merit review will take place in April.
  • Students will be notified in June.
  • Signed agreements, photos, and biographies are due in July.


Visit the Canadian Nurses Foundation’s official website for more information.


Adele Gardiner Nursing Bursary


The Prince County Hospital Auxiliary created this bursary in memory of Adele Gardiner and gratitude for her long-term volunteering and dedication to Prince County’s Project Lifeline.


Adele’s generosity and caring while putting up Lifeline units offered connection and solace to the people she met and created a sense of security and confidence.


Adele Gardiner touched many people’s lives over her twelve years of dedicated community work. 


The Prince County Hospital Auxiliary is thrilled to create this award at the University of Prince Edward Island to recognize her unselfish effort and to assist and inspire future caregivers to follow in her footsteps. This scholarship is worth $500.00.




  • Must be a second, third, or fourth-year nursing student from Prince County.
  • They must have received their pre-university education in Prince County.
  • Financial necessity and strong academic status are required.


How to Apply


The application form is available on the web. Click here to apply.


Application Deadline 


The application deadline is October 1st.


Alaa & Valerie Abd-El-Aziz Scholarship in Nursing


The Alaa & Valerie Abd-El-Aziz Scholarship in Nursing will be awarded to a student starting a four-year degree program in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI). The scholarship is worth $600.00.


Application Deadline


The application deadline is March 1st.


How to Apply


Click here to apply.


Andrews Senior Care Nursing Award


Andrews senior living facilities, an independent Island-based firm, have provided people with secure and pleasant living in licensed and suitable places for over 20 years.


Keith and Carolyn O’Neill bought the Andrews of Charlottetown, Andrews of Summerside, and Andrews of Stratford properties in 2006. 


Personal care is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by experienced healthcare professionals who assist residents in areas that require supervision and assistance, as well as ongoing monitoring of their general health and well-being.


Each site has a full-time Program Coordinator who plans a wide range of activities to fulfill the diverse requirements of its residents.


Each site serves home-cooked meals three times each day. Red Seal Chefs collaborate with a certified dietitian who examines all meal planning to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.


Personal attention is given to all resident’s nutritional needs, including those with specific dietary requirements. Nursing excellence is a must.


The Andrews of PEI Nursing Award was founded in honor of the O’Neills’ gratitude for the UPEI School of Nursing and the education it gives to nursing students, many of whom work in Andrews of PEI facilities caring for the elderly. The scholarship is worth $500.00


This scholarship will be offered to a third or fourth-year nursing student enrolled full-time or a first or second-year nursing student enrolled full-time in the expedited nursing Degree Program who plans to study for a nursing degree in the senior area.


Application Deadline


October 1st is the deadline for this scholarship.


How to Apply


Click here to apply.


Ann Muriel Andrews Memorial Scholarships


Ann Muriel Andrews was born in Kenora, Ontario, and relocated to Moosonee as a youngster. Ann graduated from the St. Boniface Hospital School of Nursing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1960.


Ann worked in Montreal as a professional operating room nurse. She came to PEI in the late 1960s to raise a family and continue working as an OR nurse at the Prince Edward Island Hospital. Ann worked extremely hard to requalify as an RN after taking a 10-year gap from nursing to raise her family.


She started working once more, this time at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Over the ensuing 30 years and more, she worked in various nursing positions.



Ann has contributed her time and expertise to mission journeys to Kenya and Haiti. In addition, she used to spend her Sundays playing the organ for the occupants of the Atlantic Baptist Nursing Home.


Ann was extremely busy, with numerous hobbies aside from nursing, such as music, baking, sports, sewing, swimming, church, and travel. Her adventurous spirit led her across North America, Europe, and Africa.


Kevin and Susan Andrews and the family established this scholarship to commemorate Ann. This scholarship is worth $1,000. It is awarded each year to a 2nd and a 3rd year nursing student.


Requirements for Eligibility


  • Must be a 2nd or 3rd year nursing student.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • You must be compassionate.
  • Must have interests aside from nursing.


Application Deadline


The application deadline is October 1st.


How to Apply


Click here to apply.


  1. Jean (Ross) MacKay, RN Nursing Scholarships


These scholarships were founded by the family of C. Jean (Ross) MacKay, a nurse, mother, volunteer, and ardent supporter of higher education. The scholarship is worth $685.00.


This scholarship is given to returning nursing students who want foreign exposure as part of their UPEI study. 


Preference is given to students who demonstrate potential professional characteristics such as honesty, stability, empathy, and dedication and who have organized their own learning experiences overseas.


Application Deadline


The deadline is February 1st.


How to Apply


Click here to apply for the scholarship.


The Nurses Education Bursary


This initiative awards bursaries to eligible nursing applicants who demonstrate the greatest financial need annually.


The bursary amount is $2,000 per beneficiary. A recipient can only receive one bursary grant each year.




You could qualify if you meet the requirements:


  • Enrolled full-time in a qualifying nursing program of at least four months at an approved British Columbia post-secondary institution, leading to a Certificate, Diploma, or Degree recognized for practice in British Columbia.




  • Applicants who are in violation of a BC Student Loan or who have filed for bankruptcy BC Student Loan are ineligible for assistance under this program.
  • Because funds are limited, not all applicants who demonstrate financial necessity will be approved.
  • During the bursary period, candidates will be rated against other applicants to determine who has the greatest financial need.
  • Part-time nursing students are not eligible for this program.


How to Apply


This bursary does not need an application. When you apply for a student loan, you will be automatically assessed for each of the following bursary periods.


  • May through August; the deadline is May 15th.
  • September through December; the deadline is September 15th.


Any mistakes or omissions on the loan application, e.g., missed bursary deadline, incorrect program code, incomplete full-time StudentAid BC loan application, cannot be reviewed.


If all other qualifying conditions are satisfied, applicants will be considered for the subsequent bursary season.


Visit the official website for more information.




Nursing scholarships are a great way to help fund your nursing education in Canada. With the cost of tuition and other expenses associated with nursing school, these scholarships help make the process easier.


Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for different nursing scholarships in Canada. For example, if you are a first-time student, you may be eligible for a scholarship specifically for first-time students. Additionally, scholarships are available for those already in the nursing profession and looking to advance their education.


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